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How has no one responded yet to this brilliance? I'd watch all those episodes and even scarier, they sound like real episodes!

Unsplash by Dominik VO

Spirit animals are guides, not like tour guides pointing out historical buildings and did-you-know facts, but pretty close. Spirit animals are also part of animal worship religions. Cool, right? So different from the “angry God and his much nicer son” belief system that we’re used to, so we’ve totally vibed with the idea that animals have something to tell us.

How to find your spirit animal

Well, you can’t find your spirit animal by taking some stupid online quiz. Your spirit animal finds you. Take a trip to the zoo and see who nudges you at the cage, or finally get around to cleaning your basement…

Lani V. Cox

unagented writer with yawning ego. uses words like ‘sizzle’ and ‘snappy’. enjoys ANTM makeover meltdowns and hot sauce. lanivcox.com

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